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~ Thursday, January 19 ~

Say hello to my little friend.

This week’s class was all about geology, the study of rocks! There is so much to learn about rocks, it is actually mind blowing. Seriously, it blew our minds how crazy the formation of rocks can occur. It is almost as if they have their own rock cycle, like any other living cycles that occur on the Earth, except for the fact that rocks are inanimate objects. So we decided that we would give our rocks some life and create ROCK PETS as our class’s craft for the week.

It was really very simple. After reading the Magic School Bus’s "Inside the Earth" we went on our own exploration in search of a rock collection (mind you, this book is AWESOME. We learned more from this book in the shortest amount of time that we sounded like professional geologists, well… so we thought so). Anyway, we directed the children to look for six different rocks in our parking lot. See at this age, it is hard for preschoolers to understand the different layers on our Earth’s crust and how each rock forms, etc, etc. So the easiest way for them to determine the difference is color, shape, and texture. So by choosing six different rocks they were able to determine these characteristics for themselves.

After the collection we gave them the tools and they had their way with the rocks. I made two painted rocks with googly eyes (I recommend acrylic paint) and one rock designed as an owl in which I used sharpies. In the one picture shown of my owl, there is another rock designed by a youngster who was eager to replicate my pet rock owl. It was a hoot… (ha).

Enjoy your pets and ROCK ON \m/

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